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McDonald’s Testing

A PM recently suggested to me that “testing should be like McDonald’s”.

So what did he mean? Testing should be bland and uninteresting? Fattening with minimal nutritional value? Served by spotty teenagers?

No, his meaning was that testing should be served the same everywhere, with common ingredients and identical processes.

Now, I don’t mean to knock McDonald’s. As a near-veggie they’re not my thing, but they seem to fill their niche well. But what about other contexts? Imagine if ALL food were like McDonald’s! How would we fulfill our needs for a Sunday roast, a tasty local delicacy or a pleasant evening out?

Why should software development be any different? Don’t different projects have different objectives? Different needs? Different constraints?

Software development features such rich diversity, that there is plenty of room for testing to be like a family meal, a baguette with cheese and wine, or that matter dining at a Michelin star restaurant.